We Make the Choice

"Everyone is born with a purpose, whether it is to be the president or a parent, your life has meaning, the choices we make matter and the ripples of those choices affect those around us..choose to accept, to be apart of a greater plan than our own minds can comprehend, choose to strive for a greatness that can affect the WORLD."

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hello Blogger readers out there!
I am terribly ashamed. It is to my greatest regret that i must admit to the being that I failed my intentions on becoming a rather frequent blogger... BUT here is my excuse.. you see i used to do all of my blogging on my old laptop and then i sold it along with it left all of my account info and thus the mere thought of blogging had left me... BUT I RETURN
I do intend to do this more now that i have discovered it again and i simply feel inspired to do so
As i bid farewell on this fine evening once more i welcome you to continue to check up on me, keep me accountable

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